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What Is Street Luge?

Kickin' up dust.... If you have ever watched Formula 1 and thought you could do so much better or even that you would just love to know how it feels, here is a chance to prove yourself - a new sport which, just like Formula 1, requires speed, nerve, stamina and co-ordination, but, unlike Formula 1, does not require millions of pounds in sponsorship. 

SSSprint introduced Street Luge to the UK in 1995, just as it was gaining popularity in the USA as a result of the first ESPN X Games. The idea was hit upon by a group of Californian skate boarders, who, when they became bored with standing on their skate board, decided to lie on it instead. They discovered that lying down gave greater speed, greater control and much greater thrill. So, the Luge was made longer to accommodate the person lying down, the trucks wider, and the wheels thicker to provide greater stability and speed.

In the sport as it is practiced today, the Luger lies on his back, feet first, points downhill, accumulates speed and prays he can make the next corner. He negotiates bends by leaning and brakes using his feet.

Depending on the gradient and the layout of the track, the Luge can reach speeds of up to 80 miles per hour, which, especially as the body is only a couple of inches from the ground, is extremely fast. The Luger will inevitably slide off occasionally so, in order to prevent injury, he wears protective headgear and full motorcycle leathers. This level of protection allows the intrepid Luger to reach extreme speeds and still come off with impunity. 

Since 1995, the annual SSSprint British Street Luge Championship has provided both UK and international riders with the facility to practice and race safely on excellent, closed roads, at regular meetings all year round.

Our 'Taster Days' provide a unique opportunity for newcomers to the sport to get involved inexpensively and without major commitment, and almost all the regular, top UK riders started out this way, including recent World Champions Peter Eliot and Jeremy Gilder.

The sport is now well-established in the UK, and with the introduction of similar SSSprint British Championships for Classic Luge, Gravity Bikes, and Downhill Stand Up, SSSprint race meetings have become even more varied and exciting for all speed gravity sport riders and enthusiasts.



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