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SSSPRINT: Street Sled Sport Racers International
Let's go racing.... SSSPRINT (the Street Sled Sports Racers International) has been set up by a group of enthusiastic Lugers, all members of Oxford University's dangerous sports club, the Oxford Stunt Factory. SSSPRINT's aim is to promote Street Luging in this country. 

Joining SSSPRINT entitles you to: 

  • A comprehensive set of SSSPRINT guidelines regarding the construction and design of the Luge, the protective clothing requirements and race rules.
  • Access to specialized equipment and Luge components which can be brought into the UK and distributed with minimum cost and effort to yourself.
  • The option either to buy or rent a ready made Luge, or to buy stock components in order to build your own, within the design parameters set by SSSPRINT.
  • Information about obtaining protective equipment such as one piece leathers as cheaply as possible
  • Access to insurance arranged through SSSPRINT.
  • Opportunity to take part in SSSPRINT organized races at various venues throughout the country.

We always try to get the maximum publicity for these events in order to further the sport and to attract sponsorship for the riders. The winners of the UK Championships have previously gained entry to the ESPN X-Games. So, leap onto this fast traveling bandwagon and join SSSPRINT

In order to start competing for glory, contact Ding Boston at the following address:
33a Canal Street, Oxford,OX2 6BQ 
Tel: 01865 750846

We also have email announcements that you can subscribe to and get all the latest news on Street Luging developments, events, meetings etc. You can join by sending a blank email to:



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