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Street Luge Links

This is just a small collection of an ever-increasing number of street luge web sites that are appearing on the web. You'll find more links on most of these site. Have fun!

UK Sites 

Race organiser and sanctioning body. Runs a regular and long established UK series at Gurston Down, Wiltshire.

UK Gravity Sports Association  
The UKgsa exists to promote gravity sports in the UK.

Gravity Sports - UK
Organised the Aviemore races in 2001 and 2002, and races at Trawsfynydd, North Wales, and Dalby Forest. Full details, course photos and reviews.

Race Organisations 

UK Race organiser and sanctioning body.

UKGSA - UK Gravity Sports Association  
The UKgsa exists to promote gravity sports in the UK.

IGSA - International Gravity Sports Association  
International race organiser and sanctioning body. Organisers of the World Cup series, sanctioning races on five continents.

GSI - Gravity Sports International  
Organises a great race series on the east coast of the US.

EDI - Extreme Downhil International  
Erstwhile organisers of the Gravity Games Streetluge discipline.

AGRO - American Gravity Racers Organisation  
Coming Soon... (as of late 2004)(and, indeed, 2003, even 2002).

The Official Hot Heels Site
Website of the annual Hot Heels Race in the Austrian Alps.


Subterfuge Landluge  
Big site with all sorts of streetluge-related stuff. Includes online store for helmets, leathers, wheels, bearings etc.

Street Luge Survival Guide, publishers of Darren Lott's Street Luge Survival Guide. If you are at all interested in luging, buy this book! 

Streetluge 101 DVD
Instructional DVD including the most up to date (late 2004) information from a range of top riders. If you are at all interested in luging, buy this DVD! 

Rewsport Streetluges
Proven race winning luges, at the lowest prices. 

ABEC11 Wheels
Great Wheels. 

Other Sites
Includes street luge plans and the Street Luge message board. Find out about all the latest gossip and events.

Dave Auld's web site
Excellent, well maintained site by one of the USA's top racers. Has lots of photos, videos, construction details, etc.

NCDSA - Northern California Downhill Skateboarding Association
Good selection of message boards, including regional ones.
Good set of links. construction guide
Good european site, including detailed construction guide.
A good set of construction plans to get started.

Bad Ass Kate Message Boards
Primarily standup and slalom message boards.

Streetluge Francais
Streeluging in France - in French.

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