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Building & riding your own luge

Building a Luge
There are a number of construction plans available on the Net. The Links page has pointers to these sites, which will be enough to get you started. The construction regulations to which all luges racing in the UK Championships must conform to are available from SSSprint (see above).
Alternatively, you can buy a ready built luge. Road Rage Luge are a UK company who specialise in building lightweight, portable luges. The luges are also exceptionally fast!

The bigger the better. Larger diameter wheels mean less rolling resistance. Quite a few UK racers use Z Rollers with Labeda wheels (90 mm diameter * 40mm width). The trucks have a roller mounted around the axle, which means if you shed a wheel you don't go spinning out of control and die...

Leathers & helmet
A full face motorcycle helmet and one piece racing leathers are the only thing that are going to protect you in a crash. Normally available second hand at a reasonable cost. But be warned; one of our members managed to wear through his leathers, jeans and skin in one fall.

Riches and eternal fame await the person who designs some decent mechanical brakes for luges. The best thing anyone has managed to come up with is attach tyres to the riders feet, either by gluing or tying them to some old shoes.


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