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Hot Heels Photo Gallery

Below are a few pictures I took on our racing trip to Austria. John Maher has written an excellent account of the race and you can read it on Land Luge Las Vegas. The Hot Heels race also now has its own Official WebSite!
Atmospheric view down the Kaunertal Valley, Austia.
Ariel view of the valley. The course is marked in red. It drops 250m over a distance of 2.5 km.
Top of the course, going into the first bend.
The British Street Luge team in their full glory.
Back Row: Pete Elliot, Steve Hayes, Jerry Gilder, Pete Love, Martin Lyster, Daniel Max
Front Row: Pete Barrett, Guy Coates
All racers must post a finishing time or an X-ray.
They don't call it hot heels for nothing.
The bold and the beautiful gather at the bottom of the Glacier prior to our race to the bottom.
Biker Sherlock going into Hell's Gate.
Ranting into the home straight.

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