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Street Luge UK
Controlled and governed by
SSSPRINT: Street Sled Sport Racers International

These pictures are from the meeting at Gurston Down
held on 6th August 2000.

Click the image for a larger version.

When you do this... have to do this


No target fixation here, although keeping your eyes on the road doesn't always seem to work!

Mr Cool! (he told us to call him that)

Ding Boston: The Ernie Wise of British Street Luge
(cos he's the one with
short, fat, hairy legs)

Ben doesn't hang about getting around turn 1

Whereas Farmer Tom gets a nickname.

He did this a lot!

Off we go again...

Ben and Neil hurtle into the first corner. Ben hurtled out of the corner and Neil hurtled into the grass.

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