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Street Luge UK
Controlled and governed by
SSSPRINT: Street Sled Sport Racers International

These pictures are from the meeting at Gurston Down
held on 21st May 2000.

Click the image for a larger version.

Pete Love - he's just a blur...

Ben brings it home

New lugers practice through the cones

Getting lined up after a crash

This happens quite often

I'm sure he's moving. Honest.

An nice, easy way into turn 2

Heading for the grass?

Definitely heading for the grass!

Ben contemplates doing the hill on his longboard. He got about 20 yards, found out how hard stopping was and bottled.

Emergency repairs

I told you this happens quite often

Neil after a crash

Neil IN a crash

Pete Love - still a blur

Tim gets building

Not finished yet!

Zoe crawls into turn 1

Jerry "Two wheels" Gilder

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